The Sunday Table

The Sunday Table is an informal gathering for worship, creativity and prayer at St Chad’s Ladybarn. 

We eat a light lunch together at 12.30pm. We move from food to singing, prayer and a time of thanksgiving.


A bible story is told creatively and in a multi-sensory and participatory way.
People can then explore the story through guided discussion or creative art activities,
before we gather again to offer prayer for the world.

Our gatherings are designed to be particularly child and young-person friendly, and for people newer to church to feel able to participate in fully. We use a simple liturgy and structure drawing on our Anglican tradition and from other worshipping communities such as The Northumbria Community and the Iona Community.

The values underpinning our gatherings are:

  • All-ages learning together – not “children’s church” but all ages contributing, leading, and learning.
  • Creativity – using our various senses to engage in worship, prayer and learning; we use our artistic abilities and explore untapped abilities to produce creative responses to what we hear, see and learn.
Hospitality – we all eat together, we share the bringing and preparing of food as we’re able; we receive the service of others and offer a welcome to all.
Reflection – we provide space for quiet and silence, invite people to ask questions and share insights; we take time, not rushing our prayer and learning.
  • Celebration – we give thanks in prayer and song, celebrate each other’s experiences, insights and achievements; we have fun and laugh.
  • Rooted in our Anglican tradition but willing to innovate

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